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Anime Music Videos

The links to the amvs are below. Keep in mind that the smaller and low-quality videos are uploaded onto this site; I'm going to upload my larger (and somewhat better quality) onto a friend's computer in the near future. When I do have them up, you'll have to be an AMV member to download them. How so? All you have to do is sign up at; it's that simple. Of course you have to wait two weeks before downloading from there, but it's worth it. In the meantime, have fun downloading them (DO NOT DIRECT-LINK THEM AT ALL! I MEAN IT!!!)

Cherish Destiny *NEW
DiGi Candy Star
Anime Freckles
Fushigi Yume *NEW
Glaring Dreams
Haruka to Michiru
Hyper Butterfly
Let Me Be with Utena
Magical Firefly
Proof of Usagi
The Rage Beat
Trunks's Healing Vision
Welcome 2000 Dance Mix

Video files w/out pages(right-click on them):
Futuristic Sky
Summer Love
Kaze no Sakura
Mermaid Mermaid Revolution NEW