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Cherish Destiny

Title: "Cherish Desiny" featuring
Maron & Chiaki from
Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne
Music: "Dearest"
by Ayumi Hamasaki
from Inu Yasha
Format: MOV | MPEG
Duration: 5 minutes and 25 minutes
Time it took: a month and a half
Completed on December 5th, 2003

Kaitou Jeanne and Sinbad, cherishing the kiss

Needless to say, I'm sooo proud of this KKJ project. I took a break from making "miniature" videos and make a long video(actually, it's my second video; Hyper Butterfly was the first one, and it took me three weeks). Not only that, but I was also working on Fushigi Yume at the same time (I've forgotten about FY until later, after I exported CD). Anyway, like I said earlier, it focuses mostly on Maron and Chiaki: as themselves, and as Kaitou Jeanne & Sinbad. For all the fans of the other characters, don't worry: they also make "cameos" here. The majority of the video takes place in the 2nd season, so I STRONGLY caution you about major spoilers. It also has a little bit of first season, including Jeanne's first kiss (luckily, I took a pic of it, and it made me go "goo-goo eye"-y

List of favorite moments:
~Purple and more purple
~Access & Fin
~Bubbles (don't ask)
~Noin & Sinbad *faints*
~Empty mailboxes
~That void feeling (it's priceless)
~Tears for loved ones *sobs*
~The sunset

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